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Dates To Remember

Family of Ralph and Oma Holt


May 7 - Birth of Ralph Wyche Holt


Dec 9 - Birth of Oma Mae Certain


June 9 - Oma and Ralph met at Bartlett's Ferry


Feb 8 - Oma and Ralph married on Rose Avenue in the Certain residence in Columbus, Georgia

Dec 7 - Fred Certain Holt is born at home on 3001 Rose Ave


Nov 27 - Joseph Glenn Holt is born in home on Rose Avenue


Aug 17 - Oma and Ralph moved into new home at 1730 - 35th Street in Columbus, Georgia


March 23 - Susan Patricia Holt is born at home on 35th Street


May - Beginning of World War II


Jan 27 - Nancy Marie Holt is born at home on 35th Street


Aug - End of World War II


Jan 1 - Charles Wilburn Holt born at City Hospital in Columbus, Georgia


Dec 28 - Jimmie Lenora Holt, Ralph's mother, died.


June 16 - Nelson Buell Certain, Oma's father, died.


April 16 - Tornado whipped through Columbus, Georgia. See Comments


March 16 - Ralph Holt founded Holt Service Company


March 31 - Naval Aviation Cadet Fred C. Holt reported for Flight Training at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.

Dec 21 - Fred Holt married Quincy Sue Ellerbee at Sherwood Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Georgia


Aug 11 - David Michael Holt born to Fred and Sue in Corpus Christi, Texas

Aug 11 - Ensign Fred C. Holt, U.S. Naval Reserve, commissioned and awarded his Wings of Gold at the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Nov 27 - Joe Holt marries Janice Roe in Bristol, Tenn.


July 25 - Joseph Glenn Holt, Jr. born to Joe and Jan in Medical Center, Columbus, Georgia


Jun - Joe Holt graduated from Arkansas College, BA Social Studies

Nov - Susan P. Holt married Charles Larry Brannan in Ohio

Dec - Oma Holt diagnosed with hepatitus after Christmas


April - Oma Holt back on her feet after hepatitus

June 6 - Nancy Holt graduated from Columbus High School

July 26 - Charles Richard Brannan born to Susan and Larry in the Medical Center, Columbus, Georgia


May 27 - Amy Sue Holt born to Fred and Sue in Jacksonville, Florida.

June 30 - Nancy Holt married Daniel Reed Watson, Jr. at Sherwood Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Georgia

July 22 - Cheryl Ann Brannan born to Susan and Larry in the Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia

Oct 2 - Stevan Kirkpatrick Holt born to Joe and Jan in Atlanta, Georgia


Mar 5 - Baby boy prematurely stillborn to Susan and Larry.

June - Joe Holt graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary, Bachelor of Divinity

July 21 - Joe Holt ordained a minister in Landrum, South Carolina


May 3 - Nancy Ellen Holt born to Fred and Sue in Norfolk,Virginia


Beginning of War in Viet Nam

Feb 7 - Larry Brannan killed in trucking accident south of Knoxville, Tennessee

Aug 31 - Laurie Sue Brannan born to Susan in Medical Center, Columbus, Georgia

Sept 4 - John Eric Holt born to Joe and Jan in Atlanta, Georgia


Aug 27 - Rebecca Sue Viet born to Charles and Georgena Viet in Council Bluffs, Iowa


Jan 7 - Steven Daniel Watson born to Nancy and Reed in St.Francis Hospital in Columbus, Georgia


Feb 1 - Ralph Michael Watson born to Nancy and Reed at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Georgia

Sept 3 - Don Adams awarded Silver Star for actions taken this day in Viet Nam


May 28 - Cathy Kenny (Watson) is born

June - Nancy and Reed divorced

July 11 - Nancy married William Howard Vinson


June 6 - Lieutenant Commander Fred C. Holt received Bachelor of Science Degree from the U.S.Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.


End of War in Viet Nam

Charles Holt married Sandra Lee Rogers Iverson


April 20 - Jeremiah William Holt pre-mature newborn of Charles and Sandy, died.


March - Nancy and Howard divorced

July - Commander Fred C. Holt assumed command of Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6) at Naval Air Station, Point Mugu, California.


Feb - Commander Fred C. Holt assumed command of the U.S. Navy Recruiting District at Milwaukee,Wisconsin.

March 5 - Miranda Nicole Holt born to Charles and Sandy at Medical Center, Columbus, Georgia

June 27 - Nancy married Weldon Herbert Adams, Jr. at Central Christian Church, Columbus,Georgia

August - Howard Vinson died

Sept 20 - Gertrude Foster Certain, Oma Holt's mother, died in Brunswick, Georgia following an operation for cancer


July 15 - James Thomas Adams born to Don and Nancy at Medical Center, Columbus, Georgia

Oct 1 - Commander Fred C. Holt, U.S. Navy, retired from active duty.


Jan - Joe and Jan divorced

July 1 - Joe married Karen Louisa Soli in Virginia

Nov 12 - William Comer Holt, Ralph's father, died in Columbus, Georgia


Oma Holt's Uncle Tom Foster of Topeka, Kansas died


July 11 - Berit Jane Soli-Holt born to Joe and Karen


March - Ralph sold Holt Service to Fred and Susan

June 6 - Cheryl Brannan married Arthur Handley

Sept 2 - Andy Holt married Marion Howle


Charles and Sandy divorced

April 3 - Nancy Ellen married Allen Posey

Oct 1 - Christopher Patrick Posey born to Allen and Ellen

Dec 21 - Ricky Brannan joined the Navy


March 25 - Jessica Lindsey Holt born to Andy and Marion

June - Joe Holt graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry

Aug 1 - Amy Holt graduated Columbus College

Oct - Oma Holt had case of shingles

Dec 10 - Ricky Brannan married Anita Brooks at Church of Christ, Columbus, Georgia


May 25 - Charles and Sandy remarried by Rev. McKinley Weaver at 1730-35th Street, Columbus, Georgia

June 23 - Amy Holt married Rodney Spear in Edgewood Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Georgia

July 7 - David Holt married Kelly Laslo at First Methodist Church in Marietta, Georgia

Sept - Charles and Sandy divorce again

Dec 1 - Brian Allen Posey born to Ellen and Allen


Feb 8 - Oma and Ralph Holt's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Feb 24 - Earl Foster Certain, Oma's brother, died

Sept 24 - Ralph Holt operated on for prostate cancer


June - Andy and Marion divorced

Sept 23 - Stephanie Lynn Spear born to Amy and Rodney

Oct 13 - Steven Michael Holt born to David and Kelly

Nov 16 - Louisa Mae Soli-Holt born to Joe and Karen

Dec 30 - Brooks Jameson Brannan born to Ricky and Anita


Feb - Cheryl and Arthur divorce

Oct 21 - Timothy Donald Frazer married Teresa Lewis Moore

Dec 31 - Laurie Brannan married John Patrick Aiken at Wynnton Baptist Church, Columbus, Georgia


Mar 8 - Jennifer Lynn Holt born to David and Kelly

May 1 - Amanda Michelle Posey born to Ellen and Allen

June 2 - Ian Alexander Brannan born to Ricky and Anita

June 15 - Steve Watson graduated from Georgia Tech and commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy

Oct 18 - Ann Certain, Earl's second wife, died in Nashville,Tennessee

Dec 26 - Lyle Certain, Oma's brother, married Betty Oliver in Brunswick, Georgia


May 6 - Emily Katherine Spear born to Amy and Rodney

Ralph Watson graudated Auburn University

Oct 2 - Cheryl married Steve Melton at the Hampton Club House, Columbus, Georgia


Jan 22 - Ralph W. Holt died from cancer


Feb 19 - Andy Holt married Katherine Mize

March 8 - Lucas Taylor Barnes born to Rebecca Viet Barnes


Mar 13 - Justin Andrew Melton born to Cheryl and Steve

April 29 - Don Adams has a stroke

June 9 - Jimmy Adams graduated Shaw High School, Columbus, Georgia


May 2 - Allison Clare Holt born to Andy and Catherine

Aug 3 - Eric Holt and Rebecca Sue Viet Barnes married on the Ferry boat at Conagra Park in Omaha, Nebraska

Mary Jordan, Aunt Nerve, died at Pine Manor in Columbus, Georgia

Nov - Sylvia Frances Gillette died following stroke at St. Francis Hospital, Columbus, Georgia


Woodrow Comer Holt has a stroke


May - Stevan Holt and his band "Soulflower" perform in Europe.

June 8 - Karen Soli-Holt Receives Doctor of Ministry Degree from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.

June 12 - Berit Soli-Holt Graduates the Minnesota Center for Arts Education High School in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Steve and Cathy Watson move to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where Steve has accepted a position as an Industrial Engineer at the Uniroyal-Goodrich plant. He is also remaining on active duty in the Naval Reserve. Cathy has accepted a position as director of a child care center.

Eric Holt accepts a position as dispatcher with Union Pacific Railroad.

Don Adams moves from Triple A Service Company to Climate Control.

Ricky Brannan and Steven Watson muster out of the Navy

Ralph Watson joins McKinney & Silver Advertising in Raleigh, North Carolina


January 31 - Holt Service Company, Inc. merged with R.S. Andrews Enterprises, Inc. of Atlanta

February 1 - Fred & Sue Holt retired from Holt Service Company, Inc.

September - Steve and Cathy Watson become foster parents To Hunter and Seth.

December 9 - Oma Holt's 84th Birthday. Click Here for information about her surprise party.


March 17 - Jim Adams moves to Huntsville, Alabama as Content Editor of

July - Brannan Sports opens for business.

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