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Bringing Home The Bacon

Charley Holt
November 2000

I'm still with Johnson Controls, just a different division called Field Support. We provide technical information to our field people, as well as provide a place where they can obtain needed parts without having to spend their time tracking them down. There are others around the country doing the same thing, each supporting their field of expertise. As no one knows everything, we have each other to help out as needed also. That's always been a plus when working for the larger companies, and something lacking in smaller ones. It's a good concept anyway and we do the best we can to make it work. Travel mileage is unknown as I've yet to check it, but I go to Smyrna which is where I lived when I first got up here. Takes about 45 minutes to travel in the morning and 1 hour in the evenings.

Learning how all the equipment (copier, fax, phones, etc.) work has been the goal this week, along with learning the proper procedures concerning how to do paperwork properly. For a world that was supposed to go paperless due to computers, that part seems to be lagging!! Though I can see where paper has been replaced in some instances, I can also see where new ways have come up to use paper. Hope eventually the predictions will come true as it will make a lot of trees very happy!!

The office itself is rather small, with 3 offices, a library/office area, reception area, break room, and bathroom. There is a warehouse out back. Not sure where I'll end up. There is a small chance we may be moved to the regional office in Roswell after the first of the year to save money, but in reality I cannot see this happening as they simply do not have the room to absorb all the stuff we have. This is the same office I was working for and as I know how it is run it would make our job much harder to do. This week and next I am using Roger's office as he has taken some time off. As we haven't received my computer system anyway this has worked well. No doubt it'll all work out in time.

Don Adams

I am now with Climate Control and will continue doing what I enjoy--working with contractors to provide quality heating and air conditioning needs.

Jim Adams

I am currently Managing Content Editor of in Huntsville, Alabama.

Nancy Adams

I quit bringing home the bacon sometime in the early 1990's when I left the 9 to 5 world to write the all American novel (me and a million other hopefuls). Haven't managed to do that yet, but have had one play produced. That was quite an experience. I still continue to write because I enjoy expressing ideas and find it excellent therapy.

I also play the organ for Trinity Presbyterian Church, a small congregation made up of people I grew up with at Sherwood Presbyterian, so it's much like being home again.

Keith Faulk

I am the Residential Manager at Alexander Electric Company. I have been there for 5 1/2 years. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Nikki Faulk

I am Assistant to the General Manager (Amy Spear) at Holt Service Company. I, too, am building a Mary Kay business and loving it! It's a Christian based company and the fellowship and support that I get from my sister consultants is incredible...certainly has given Ellen, Amy, and I an opportunity to get to know each other. I also go to school at night at Columbus State University and enjoy that (so far). My major is Computer Information Management.

Allen Posey

Currently I am at the Columbus Consolidated Government as a Construction Inspection Supervisor and Sr. Electrical Inspector. I'll be teaching a course at Columbus Technical Institute in the near future.

Ellen Posey

For the past six years I have been in Kindergarten at Johnson Elementary as a Paraprofessional (teacher's assistant). Love my job, but it doesn't bring home much bacon at all! I just got to have my summer's off - there's no question why I took this career choice. (Mama didn't raise no dummy) Also, on the side, but soon to be much more, is my Mary Kay career. The "fun" in my life for me, and my family benefits from good easy money!

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