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A Piece of The Rock
O. Norman Shands

How better to endow the future of
My grandson and his bride,
Than to share with them
How beautiful, how effectual, how powerful is faith?

To symbolize my recent discovery of the beauty
Of God's grace working in brokenness,
I shall send them
A piece of long-treasured rock.

A chunk of limestone the size of a breadbasket,
Weathered in the soil of each family residence,
As a memento of our time at Limestone College,
Taken from the working quarry on the campus.

After forty-three years, the stone was broken,
To make a border for a bed of verbena.
The fresh, sparkling beauty of mica in gray stone,
So long hidden, made me catch my breath.

How like the surprising way God's grace
Reveals the hidden wonder and beauty
In remarkable lives that in brokenness
Turn to Him in faith.

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