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River    Reflections    by    N.    Holt    Adams

Singing Waters

I long to flow
with the river
to places I've never been
freely laugh
and race along
through every beautiful scene
linger awhile
in a hidden cove
exploring an unknown glade
plummet down
rocky ledge
in a roaring rushing cascade

bright by moonlight
in the sun
rolling through all my days
all my days are done

Oh to be a river
my merry way
life's earthly passage
easy ebb and sway

The Journey

Deep beneath earth's ancient core
Eager to live in sunshine bright
Moisture creeps through crevices scored
Trickling away in wanton delight

Gathering force slipping over stones
Widening ribbons of crystal sheen
Join the mountain's majestic song
Blending harmony in Lydian streams

Tumbling, gurgling, skipping along
Singing water in freezing shivers
Faster descending in glorious song
Into the tempo of roaring rivers

Awesomely plunging in steep delight
Age-old caverns and rocky heights
Searching, twisting, singing its way
Through meadows green in sparkling array

Pausing to rest in peaceful glen
Deep and mossy fragrant serene
Running again around the bend
Slicing through forests of emerald green

Gathering earth in its widening flow
Clouding sweet clarity yet onward going
Thirsting for chords yet to know
Through summer wending and winter snowing

Reaching ocean's eternal cleft
Eagerly slaking a thirsty tongue
It drowns forever in fathomless depths
Losing its tune in the ocean's song

All that remains of river's proud story
A mem'ry trail of winding glory
While deep beneath earth's ancient core
Moisture echoes through crevices scored

River of life flowing in me
Let me not sing stale songs of old
But make my rush to the timeless sea
A pilgrim song daring and bold

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