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Oma C. Holt

Daniel Webster says a hobby is a pursuit outside our regular occupation engaged in for relaxation. I would add it's a way for a person to spend money which can be good or not so good.

My first hobby was ceramics. I liked making something beautiful as I painted various pieces. Grandmother Certain taught me how to plait or crochet strips of colorful rags into scatter rugs, and I made many of those, two of them room size. She also taught me how to crochet Afghans, and I made nearly everyone in the family one of those. I also learned how to crochet beads into necklaces.

For a while, when we were traveling, I collected salt and pepper shakers. I ended up having about 125 sets. Then I began collecting chickens. I learned to love them when I was two or three years old playing out in the chicken yard beside our home in Kansas. I don't see chicken yards anymore, but my collection is still sitting around my breakfast room and I still enjoy them!

I've always enjoyed movies and reading novels and biographies. My latest hobby is the computer and I'm finding it interesting exploring the web. All my hobbies have cost money and time, but brought me relaxation, and I have enjoyed every one of them.

Nancy H. Adams

I've never really thought of anything I do as a hobby. When I'm interested in something, even for a short time, I get downright passionate about it, and that doesn't seem to fit the definition of a hobby. I do suppose reading is a hobby although I consider it a necessity. I also love gardening which most people think of in terms of a hobby. I'd rather think of it as sunshine therapy. I expect anyone who knows me thinks writing is my hobby, and in light of a few published stories and poems, and only one play production in five years, I guess they'd be right!

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