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From Cuzun Rufus Redneck

I called her Iggy cause she was the ugliest dog I ever seed. Iggy was also the awkwardest dog I ever knowed of. Had long skinny legs, a stumpy little tail that kinda bushed out like a fan on the end, and ears that would make Mickey Mouse jealous. But I shore grew to love that dog.

Iggy didn't like no regular dog food. No siree! She liked to eat from the table jes like she was one of the regular folks. Loved salad greens and collards and turnips, she did!

And Iggy never barked and howled like other dogs. She just didn't bark at all. I heard 'bout Mexican hairless dogs before, but didn't know there was barkless dogs. Warn't no matter to me Iggy didn't bark. Me being a country boy and all, I kinda liked the quiet.

Used to take Iggy into town on Saturdays, but had to stop when she got full growed on account she wouldn't fit in the truck no more.

It pained me no end when Iggy died. I loaded her up on the tractor and carted her down to the back forty where I buried her. Took me nigh all morning to do it, but it was the least I could do fer the ole gal.

I never did know fer shore what breed of dog Iggy was. I know she wasn't no Irish Setter or nothing fancy like that. Somebody told me once, Iggy warn't no dog at all, said she were a deer most probably, but I knowed he was wrong. Deer don't get that big. Sides, Iggy didn't look nothing like a deer. Didn't really look nothing like a dog either, but the circus man what was getting shed of her told me she was a real genuine bitch, so that's how come I knowed she wuz a dog.Yeah, I miss ole Iggy. All I got left is a picture of her. Wanna see it?

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