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From Nikki Faulk

Keith and I have an addition to our family. Her name is Katie and she's 11 lbs. That is full grown, of course. She's a jack russell terrier and we think she's adorable, but some say you have to know her to love her! We've also bought our first house. It's a patio home in a nice little subdivision. Unfortunately, cute little Katie has made her mark(s) on our little home already...before and after doggie obedience school. Needless to say we had no idea what we were getting into before we fell in love with her.


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Kinfolk Korner

From Charley Holt

Penny and I have Joey (dog) and Critter (cat). Critter is our newest addition to the family. She is 6-7 months old and has already made friends with Joey. She is a gray and white American Shorthair cat.