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The Certain Branch

JOHN B. CERTAIN of North Carolina married JANE NEELEY of Ohio. Jane's father was an Irish sailor. Her mother's name was Bates. John died in 1844 in Ohio.



2. ELSIE, born MAR 30 1821. Died Young.

3. JANE, born NOV 11 1823. Married a Burger.

4. JOHN BATES, born JAN 30 1826 in Warren County, Ohio. Married MATILDA CLARK.
Died MAR 5 1906 in Wilson County, Kansas.

5. MARY, born OCT 10 1828. Married a Goheen.

6. CHARLOTTA TEMPLE, born MAY 18 1831. Died young.

7. JUDITHA, born AUG 10 1833. Died young.

8. SARAH (SALLIE), born JULY 26 1836. Married an Armstrong. Married Charlton Kelly.


NELSON BEULL CERTAIN, born MAR 13 1819 married Caroline Burger.



ROBERT NELSON CERTAIN was born January 28, 1849 in Trumbill County, Warren, Ohio. He married ADDIE MATILDA WOLFE in Washington County, Clifton, Kansas on November 4, 1883. Addie Matilda (daughter of WILLIAM BOOTH WOLFE, 1821-1901 & NANCY INMAN, 1843-1922) was born in Meigs County, Racine, Ohio on November 25, 1861. She died August 4, 1946 in Wichita, Kansas. Buried in Garnett, Kansas. Robert Nelson died November 19, 1915 and was buried in Garnett, Kansas.




3. CAROLINE ELSIE - born May 11, 1890 in Palmer, Kansas, Washington County



6. SYLVIA JOSEPHINE - born July 18, 1897 in Garnett, Kansas


NELSON BEULL CERTAIN II was born in Palmer, Kansas, Washington County, September 7, 1885. He dropped out of school after the third grade to do odd jobs to help his family make a living. He married GERTRUDE FOSTER (daughter of William Harvey Foster and Polly Jane Ashburn) on May 12, 1907. Gertrude was born August 22, 1884 in Garnett, Kansas, Anderson County. She died September 23, 1976 following a short illness, and is buried in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park in Savannah, Georgia.

Nelson Beull worked for the railroad in 1916. Worked for Farmer's Elevator in 1918. Worked for Chicago Board of Trade in 1919. Worked as a shipping clerk in Protection, Kansas in 1924. Worked for the railroad in River Junction, Florida in 1925. Worked for the railroad in Whigham, Georgia in 1916. Worked as a shipping clerk for City Mills in Columbus, Georgia. Worked as a telegraph operator for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Ohio in 1941.

He died June 16, 1952 in Savannah, Georgia (Garden City, Georgia) after a long illness, and is buried in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park in Savannah, Georgia. (From obituary) He is survived by his wife, Gertrude Foster Certain of Garden City, Georgia; three sons, Glenn Certain of Garden City, Earl Certain of Louisville, Kentucky, and Lyle Certain of Brunswick, Georgia; one daughter, Mrs. R. W. Holt of Columbus, Georgia; one brother, Fred Certain (Frederick) of Garnett, Kansas; three sisters, Mrs. Ernest C. Berry (Sylvia Josephine) of Washington, D. C., Mrs. Mae Smalley (Mae Belle) of Wichita, Kansas, and Mrs. Nelson (Caroline Elsie) of Manitou, Montana.


1. Earl Foster Certain born in Independence, Missouri December 26, 1908.

2. Glenn Nelson Certain born in Garnett, Kansas August 27, 1910.

3. Oma Mae Certain born in Garnett, Kansas December 9, 1915.

4. Lyle Harvey Certain born in Chicago, Illinois November 5, 1920.


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